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CrossQuiz is a bot designed to engage users in Discord chat rooms with a Bible trivia quiz.

It brings an immersive and educational experience to Discord communities by enabling users to test their knowledge of the Bible and engage in friendly competition.

CrossQuiz is an easy way to add Bible trivia to your Discord server, giving members a fun way to deepen their understanding of Scripture while fostering a sense of community. The purpose of the bot is to ask Bible questions and encourage users to deepen their Bible knowledge and compete for the highest score.

Iron sharpens iron, and one man sharpens another

— Proverbs 27:17


Here are some amazing features:

  • over 550 questions
  • global high score
  • verse references
  • slash commands
  • fuzzy answer recognition


slash commands of CrossQuiz

slash commands of CrossQuiz


Just follow these steps to add the bot to Your server or guild.

  1. Click here to invite the bot to Your server. After this step there should be a new user in Your member list called CrossQuiz.

  2. (optional) limit the commands /biblequizstart and /biblequizstop to moderators or admins. Otherwise everybody can start and stop the quiz. slash commands of CrossQuiz

  3. Execute the following command in any channel of Your choice to start the quiz in that channel: /biblequizstart


Do you have any ideas/improvements/bugs or want to help out by writing questions?

Test the Bot on my Discord Server

Feel free to message me on Discord.


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